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Click To Download Ocean series specifications and Brochure.

FINAL_Ocean Inflatables Specs Brochure



Buy a Boat off Ocean Inflatables  NZ and receive Free freight to the nearest Mainfreight depot to your location.

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Our Inflatable boats are made to New Zealand specifications and are manufactured the highest standards in China under License to the Ocean brand. We have sold and improved Ocean Inflatables since 2011 and have hundreds of happy customers so hunt them out and see for yourself. Ocean Inflatables NZ offer Quality for a very fair price.

The number one question I get is why our boats seem cheap compared to others. The simple reason is that you are dealing direct with the Importer and Brains behind Ocean Inflatables. No middle men. No dealers or distributors. Take advantage today of our knowledge and 30 years of boating experience. Check out our Facebook and testimonial pages.

Experience today the oversized pontoon and exception quality and value of a Ocean Inflatable boat.

Ocean Inflatable’s we are fisherman, divers and have plenty of experience on the water. In our recreational fishing we need boats that can handle our conditions to get us to those hard to get places. This is where an inflatable boat comes into it’s own. They are so easy to transport and you can drive to a beautiful location, inflate your boat and within minutes be in a great fishing spot hauling in the big one. Or strap it to you roof rack and drive to the beach. Either way you will have a great experience.

Ocean inflatable on traile

Ocean 380 on trailer

The result for the New Zealand consumer is a quality inflatable watercraft product at a very reasonable price and built to  ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer’s standard rating.

We have chosen the brand Ocean inflatable boats for New Zealand which we think fits in with the rugged coastline and beautiful sandy beaches we all enjoy.

Our manufacturing factory  is internationally recognized and has excellent standards of quality: their production line has an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer’s standard rating.

You can see our range of boats here

Why Buy Ocean Inflatable Boats?

Seamax Inflatable Boats


Our V hull design gives you the lift required to make the ride more comfortable in a short chop. Coupled with that we have a keel built in to the hull to give more direction and a more accurate steering experience.

Rugged Design

Our Ocean inflatable boats have oversized buoyancy tubes (pontoons) which provide the best level of stability out of  all the boats we tested. This makes it almost impossible to capsize the inflatable. Our boats have a low center of gravity which means people who are unsure about the safety of an inflatable boat get an immediate sense of security when in the boat. You can not help but feel safe in an Ocean Inflatable Boat.

Safety Features

There are two main safety features to point out: the V-hull bottom and inflatable keel are protected by a special patch called Hull Double Layer Protection. This design has been shown to reduce repairs by 30% compared to other brands. Lastly, there is an inter baffle on the tube that keeps the air bladder safely sealed, and its flexible design works to equalize air pressure between the cone parts.


Convenient and easy to Transport

Our boats are very strong but also a very light design, which means they are easy to transport and up to  3 times lighter than competitor boats of the same size. This means handling your Oceans Inflatable boat is easier and more convenient particularly when launching it, putting it away, and transporting the boat to yor favourite destination.


The most appealing aspect of Ocean inflatable boats, however, is the low price. Ranging from $1000 to $2000 for 270 up to 420 models, these are some of the most attractive, economical, and well-made boats on the market today.



All of the boats are made with 1100 denier polyester fabric, which has been coated on each side with PVC, keeping the inflatable resistant to tears and abrasions. Each Ocean boat is manmade, including hand gluing the seams using a polyurethane-based glue for added protection against salt water and heat. The PVC material is backed by a 5-year warranty; the seams have a 3-year warranty

Product range

Our Ocean Inflatable Boats range from the small craft, the Ocean270 with a load capacity of 480kg, to the largest craft, the Ocean600 that can hold up to 12 people or 1400kg. The boats can easily be rowed or  powered by a small outboard from 4hp on the Ocean270, up to 50hp on the Ocean600.

In New Zealand we have tested  rigorously our inflatable boats and found the Ocean Series Inflatables to be the most suited to our rugged New Zealand conditions.


Flooring Options


Seamax Floor Specifications We use only the best aluminum and marine ply in our floors to ensure extra stability and to make the boats stronger to support more horsepower.



These are rugged yet lightweight designs, which can be up to 3 times lighter than competitor boats of the same size. That makes storing, assembly, and launching from a beach or larger boat deck much easier. The most appealing aspect of Ocean inflatable boats, however, is the low price. Ranging from $1000 to $2000 for 270 up to 420 models, these are some of the most attractive, economical, and well-made boats on the market today.


Ocean Series – Our inflatable boats feature a 45-degree sharp nose design and a V-hull bottom created by the rigid floor and inflatable keel which in turn improves stability and tracking. Aluminum floor is a favorite of divers as the dive bottles do not cause damage and stability is important when handling heavy objects.

Inflatable Advantages

What makes inflatable’s a good choice for recreational boaters?

Inflatable’s and RIBs are user-friendly, they are designed for safety, speed, comfort and durability – and they look stylish. Here are the top  “inflatable advantages”:

Safety – The large, shock-absorbing pontoons give a very stable experience to the user and this design makes the boat impossible to capsize under normal conditions. With each independent air compartments being separated by robust PVC walls , the boat is stable and unsinkable, even with one of the air sections deflated.

Buoyancy – Because of the large pontoons filled with air, the load capacity of an inflatable is far greater than that of a traditional aluminion or fibreglass boat of a  similar size.

Fuel Efficiency/Power Ratio – Because of their light weight construction, inflatable’s and RIBs achieve excellent performance with smaller engines than would be required on traditional boats of similar size. That means greater fuel efficiency and lower purchase cost for engines, at a time when fuel prices are soaring.

The Ocean Series inflatable boats offer large cockpit space, aluminum flooring, and more color choices than just the traditional light gray. Please ask if you want a paticular colours


Lightweight and easy to ship. We ship right throughout New Zealand for free as part of the package.

34 Responses to “Rugged Inflatable Boats”

  1. Dan Hobden says:

    I recently purchased an Ocean290 for my fishing in the Central Otago High country lakes and what an awesome wee boat it is, perfect size and handles like a dream, easy to row, easy to set up & pack away & when stowed fits nicely into the back of my courier & customer service was top notch!!!! cheers lindsay! you really went that extra mile for me!!

    • lindsay says:

      Hi Dan

      Thanks for your comments. Great to hear the boat is doing the job for you. Best thing of all is that this was a world cup special boat and we won the world cup. Go th All Blacks.

      OceanNZ boats are top a well designed boat for a great price so we are very pleased with your comments and over time the brand will gain mometum.



  2. Cameron says:

    I contacted you a few months ago, spoke to you while you were at the airport.
    At the the time I was enquiring about a 4.2m inflatable. You mentioned that you were going to look at importing a range of RIBs from Seamax.
    Can you tell me if you have any pricing and information on the RIB range, and what deposit you would need for the importation of one in a later delivery.



    • lindsay says:

      I have contacted you directly. We can import to order at any stage. The RIB’s have all been sold out that i have in stock but i will be importing some centre console models in the near future. rgds lindsay

  3. Gerald.Lammersen says:

    Hi,just trying to get some info and trying to get in touch with you .
    Could you please contact me on email address suplied.
    Waiting for a reply .
    With regards , Gerald.

  4. jonathan says:

    could you please tell me the price of a 2.7



    • lindsay says:

      Sorry we dont have any 270 in stock for about another 6 weeks. They usually come in at about 950.00 but it really depnds on the exchange rate at the time of arrival of the stock from overseas.thanks for your interest.cheers

    • lindsay says:

      Hi – current princing for an ocean Inflatable 270 is $899.00 – rgds Lindsay

  5. shane mackay says:

    hi there ive got a 18hp two stroke tohatsu motor and was wondering which size inflatable would be best for it, were mainly spear fishing with a bit of fishing and a price on the size you recommend cheers…..shane

  6. Mark Edwards says:

    Hi Lindsay

    I have received my 3.8 and I am very happy with the boat, the quality of the boat is excellent and it performs very well with my 18hp motor, I am looking forward too purchasing a canopy for it when your next shipment arrives.

    thanks again Mark

  7. RIchard says:

    Hi there,

    Do you sell those seat bags/cushions seperately? If so, how much are they?

    Thanks – Richard

  8. Graeme Price says:

    I’m needing a valve fitting for the end of the pump that fits into thevalve on the boat – mine has broken – how much please or are there any available in Auckland
    Also, how much are the boat covers ?
    Cheers Graeme

  9. Andrew says:

    Hi, can you give me a price on the 4.2m and 5m boats and can they take a 30hp long shaft motor?

  10. lewis says:

    could i have the price please for the ocean 380.


  11. Roy says:

    Hi, What would the cost of a 3.6m semi-rigid delivered to Wellington be.

  12. Glyn eason says:

    Hi, just in the market for an inflatable boat like the feedback on you site. How much would a 3.8m set me back and would a 25hp motor be suitable. Also do you do an alloy bottom model
    Cheers glyn

  13. Georgina says:

    Hi there, just wondering how long delivery would be to Tauranga for a Ocean360? Thanks

  14. Kylie says:

    Hi, can you please tell me how you attach an anchor to the 420?

  15. Brad says:

    do you do ship to north island? cheers

  16. Ali McQueen says:

    How much is the 3.8m inflatable?

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