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Why buy an inflatable boat ?

Before purchasing any inflatable boat, consumers should consider some simple questions ? What does an inflatable boat cost? What size is best? What engine will be best for my  Ocean Inflatable? What is the weight of an Ocean Inflatable boat ? How big is it when stored away in it’s bag? How thick is the material the […]


How seaworthy are inflatable boats?

We have been around inflatable boats for many years now and although the boat accident rate in traditional boats seems to rise every year it is very seldom you hear of an accident in an inflatable boat. This is because inflatable boats are constructed in a different format  than traditional aluminium, wooden  and fibreglass boats. […]


Where are all the Blue Cod Fish ?

Blue cod are a favourite fish here in the deep south. They are plentiful and easy to find if you know the local areas around the southern coast and very tasty.  I love catching them from an inflatable boat .             One of our favourite hunting grounds over the years […]


Can you fish from inflatable boats

At Ocean Inflatables we love fishing. We also love being able to get in close to rocky outcrops to haul those large snapper or Trevally out of the water and onto the plate that night. Inflatable boats are fantastic for fishing from and are so convenient for fishing that we think everybody should have one. […]


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