Foot Pump

Inflatables PVC foot pump. Inflate the boat in 10 minutes. Pumps come standard with all boats. 

Bow & Under-Seat Storage Bag(Optional)

  • All Ocean boats can have bow bags supplied and seat cushion



Carry Bag

  • Carry bag comes with every boat, for carrying your boat when deflated.
  • Large model of inflatable will have second carrying bag for floor boards.


  • Ocean boats come with a pair of aluminum oars, multi-purpose.

Repair Kit

  • Standard Repair Kit will include 3 pieces of PVC patch (5×8 inch), 1 (one) 30g Glue and valve tool.Spares valves are also available

Boat Cover (Optional)

  • Premium cotton/polyester blend fabric, custom-grade 600 denier fabric that is treated to offer the high degree and mildew resistance.

Boat Canopy (Optional)

  • Premium cotton/polyester blend fabric, custom-grade 600 denier fabric that is treated to offer the high degree and mildew resistance.
  • Stainless steel supports

21 Responses to “Accessories”

  1. Dan Hobden says:

    hi there

    very interested in your inflatable boats, im thinking about your 290 or 320, couple of queries, what is the approximate setup & packaway time of complete boat? and roughly what sizes are the two different models when stowed, will they handle a wee bit of lake chop should the weather turn on me?,
    th reason i ask is im after something for doing a bit of fishing in otago high country lakes (onslow, poolburn, loganburn etc) that will fit nicely in the back of my doublecab courier along with a bit of other gear instead of having to tow my big boat all the way to these remote lakes, is nice & simple to set up and take down etc, ive never had much to do with inflatables so not too sure what to look for, i have a 15hp & 2hp outboard, will a 2horse be too small for a lightly loaded 320??

    many thanks in advance
    Dan Hobden
    Millers Flat

  2. lindsay says:

    Hi thanks for your enquiry. i have emailed you directly

  3. Pax Northover says:

    We have one of your inflatable boats as a tender for our tugboat. Still needing a cover for it. Have you got these in stock now. Am not sure the length but think it is 2.9m. Perhaps you could check this. We bought it Feb/Mar this year. Can you check and advise.

    • lindsay says:

      Hi Pax, sorry we are all sold out at the moment. Have some stock arriving in a couple of weeks but I havent got any covers. Next order I will get some in stock for all models as a number of people seem to want them. Please stay in contact.. cheers

  4. Graeme Marshall says:

    Can you supply a spare set of oars for the smaller inflatables.


    • lindsay says:

      Hi Graeme, We can supply but i will have to check whether we have any in stock. What length and type of boat do you need them for?

  5. Nick says:


    I have an 8h/p mercury outboard, left over from our last boat.
    What’s the largest inflaitable this could be put on to still get on the plane easily.

  6. will simcox says:

    Hi how much for a valve and postaged to nelson city Thanks

  7. Danny Robinson says:

    Hey I have a 2008 5.2 rigid inflatable and need a new foot pump the pump in the top pic looks like it has the right fittings , How much for the pump



  8. Kid King says:

    Hi Lindsay,

    I’m interested in the Ocean320 and wonder it’s safe to carry 4 adult and a child please?

    Do you have any wheels that can fit on the tansom for easy towing to the beach?

    How much for:1] boat canopy, 2] bow and under seat storage bag.



  9. Kev says:


    I’m after an airpumps for inflatable boats. Heavy duty either Manual or electric or both. Can you please advise

  10. mike says:

    hi i am interested in the 420 just wonted to know whether you have any in stock and how much thanks

  11. Georgina says:

    Hi there,
    we purchased a Ocean 360 off you in Nov it is running awesome just one thing is the Oar Pin has broken off and woundering if you have any replacement parts??


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