Ocean Inflatable exported to the Fiji…..

Yes that right we are now exporting our boats thanks to the airfreight specialist in this part of the world Mainfreight.We also use them for all our internal freight in New Zealand and cannot fault the service given to ocean inflatable boats and our customers….

Recently we were contact by a customer who’s inflatable has expanded and torn its seams due to the extra heat in Fiji.

We can only assume the model/make he had did not have a pressure relief valve fitted. All our boats have these. This customer had left New Zealand and had sailed to Fiji only to find that the extra heat in Fiji caused over expansion and the popping of the pontoon’s.

Ocean Inflatables recommend that if you are travelling from a cold climate to a warm one you let some air out to avoid any possible problems.

We have just  air freighted a brand new Ocean 320 to Nadi airport so that this customers can carry on with his journey. The best thing was that that the airfreight was not as expensive as we thought. Mainfreight gave us a great deal to make this happen.

Ocean inflatables can supply boats to the island and Australia for a very reasonable price so please contact us for a freight price. All boats are exported  GST exempt which will save the buyer 15%. Ocean inflatables can airfreight to your nearest airport for pick up. All taxes and duties would need to be paid by the buyers so please check these costs out before asking for a quote.

Contact us today if you want a good quality inflatable for a fair price.

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  1. Gert Harbers says:

    Hi, can you airfreight the red inflatable on special to Port Vila, Vanuatu and what would the price be ?

  2. Nancy Barr says:

    This is a great hint about deflating the boats when changing temperatures. THANKS!

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