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Ocean Inflatables in Action

Thanks to one of our Customer you can see Ocean Inflatables in action below. Enjoy.. Get your boat now and get out there doing it….


Hey Lindsay,

Had a chance to head out on the Dunedin coast last weekend to test out my “new” 25 Hp engine (she’s  pretty quick!) and we popped some lines down to hopefully catch some Blue Cod.  Tell you what we didn’t get any and only got some massive Red Cod, even though our friends in Chch don’t mind some dirty old Akaroa cod I couldn’t bring myself to take some photos of those!…just have too much pride.

I have emailed you earlier to ask about some seat cushions and a boat cover and I got to thinking.  Why do people love IRB boats?  Easy question to answer, because of the super popular sport of spearfishing and free diving.  My friends and I are obsessed with it and I might have mentioned that recently we went for a dive trip down to Stewart Island, amazing trip.
So I probably don’t need to explain why I was so surprised that there is no awesome spearfishing action shots on your website, especially including an Ocean NZ boat.  I have recently started recording my adventures with a gopro mounted on my mask and thought some of these photos could help out on your website!  In return I also thought I could be cheeky and ask for a bit of sponsorship from Ocean NZ in the form of some accessories for the boat.  Keep in mind that I have loads of footage and I intend to keep adding to it.

The first few photos are diving from my Ocean NZ boat around Dunedin and spearing some great sized Blue Moki, gathering some Paua and getting up close to the rocks, and amazing wildlife shot of an Albatross, some fishing, and some shots from taking the boat out in Bluff.  I don’t know about you but these look a lot more fun than a shot of a boat sitting on a trailer haha.

Cheers Ross

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Ross's adventure page Part 1

Ross’s adventure page Part 1

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