Five Reasons to Choose Inflatable Boats

Every boat on the market is different;
they all offer a variety of unique traits which provide their owners
with the best possible boat for the job. One of the things that the
majority of new and prospective boat owners struggle with is making
the choice between the various kinds, weighing up the pros and cons
of each before handing over their hard-earned cash.

Inflatable boats are ideal for recreational sailors, looking to get out on the water and have some
fun, whether it’s by relaxing out on the water on a beautiful sunny
day or taking the kids out and helping them to catch their first

Many people tend to overlook the
various advantages of inflatable boats, set in the belief that they
are simply flimsy, cheap options compared to the more rugged, wooden
or steel options. Oh how wrong they are. Here is a list of five key
reasons why inflatable boats are the choice of millions – yes,
millions of recreational boaters:


The ability to
inflate and deflate these boats quickly and easily makes them
perfect for car owners. The common belief is that you have to buy aInflatable boat New Zealand
van or a huge trailer to transport your boat, but with an inflatable
– in some cases – it can fit neatly in the boot of the car or be
fixed to the roof rack.


With one large buoyancy
tube on each side and a flat bottom, you have a stable craft with a
low centre of gravity making them one of the most rigid boats
available while providing optimum comfort. These tubes also enhance
the ability to absorb any large waves, making for a much more
comfortable ride.


With a lot of boats they have one purpose. They’re either for rowing, fishing or
sailing. With inflatables you can do almost anything, from going
through the rapids for a bit of white-water action, going fishing on
a lake or cruising down the Broads.

Large loading capacity.

The buoyancy of the tubes and the structure of the boat mean that
inflatables can hold far more weight than many imagine. This means
fishermen can take whole tackle boxes out on the water, families can
take cool boxes full of food and drink, and the size dictates how
many adults can go onboard.


The lightweight nature
of the inflatable boats means smaller engines are required to propel
them. Due to this, they use less fuel than boats powered by the much
bigger engines saving the owners money in the long run and allowing
them to spend much more time out on the water without having to
worry about fuel.


This article was written by
freelance writer Chris White. He specialises in writing original
blogs and online content covering a variety of topics from sport and
hobbies to house removals guides and car maintenance.


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    All good reasons to own an inflatable boat. Always check the type of valve they have though, and the way the seams are held together. Look for a valve which allows for easy inflation and deflation.

      • lindsay
      • May 27, 2012

      All our boats are supplied with a spare valve and cover. The valve has a simple push and twist to deflate. When pumping the boats up you dont twist which meand as soon as you release the hose when pumping up no aire escapes.To date we have not had any valve failures.cheers Lindsay

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