Inflatable boat as minimum safety device

The recent tragedy in Foveaux Strait highlights the need for back up safety devices on your launch or fishing boat. The Easy rider we are sure would have had minimum safety gear on board but we believe the addition of an inflatable boat on the cabin roof or in tow is a great back up tool and should be considered by all skippers.

Reports have come in that the Easy Rider floated for 2 hours after it capsized. An inflatable boat could have saved lives in a situation like this .They do not sink and give any survivors some shelter from the cold water.

Details on this tragedy are still very limited and this is the third such incident in as many years in Invercargill. The families and community must be in shock and we send them our thoughts at this very hard time…..

Safety is something we all take for granted until a tragedy highlights the need for it. The ocean is a dangerous place and we need to take every possible step to ensure our safety when out enjoying what we love.

Kia kaha

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