Southern Clams or Cockles for Tea

Blueskin Bay just outside Dunedin, surrounded by Warrington, Waitati and Doctor’s Point is one of New Zealand best keep secrets.

Why ?? COCKLES or clams. These little beauties are now exported to Europe, yet as Kiwi’s we don’t appreciate the availability and ease of collecting them.

Clams certainly sounds better than cockles, however you will not find a better spot in New Zealand to harvest these delicacies.

Recently on a cold Sunday, we decided we wanted a clam chowder for tea, so I loaded the boys in the car as well as my Ocean 320 inflatable boat. On this occasion because I wasn’t travelling far, I took a 6hp Suzuki to power the boat.

We arrived at Blueskin Bay to a nice strong North East wind and the tide coming in earlier than we expected, however within 20 minutes of arriving the boat was inflated and motor put on transom.

We loaded the 3 boys, myself and our dog Jazz, and headed across the estuary to fill our bucket. The boat went very well and it only took a few minutes to cross the channel to the clam/cockle beds . The beauty of the Ocean 320 inflatable boat was the ability to transport it in the back of my Pajero. We assembled and inflated it in 20 minutes and were out cockling within half an hour. I was the only adult, so the boat was easy for me to lift with the help of the boys to the water.  I wouldn’t  recommend a 6hp for the load we had,  but it did do the job and had enough power to get us safely across and back again. I think we could have got it on the plane with 3 people, no problem. The ocean 320 would fly with a 10 or 15 Hp motor.

Within quarter of an hour our bucket was full, so we headed back to the warmth of our vehicle. One of the boys below can be seen in amongst the clams filling a bucket.

So there it was, clams for tea

Ocean Inflatables are ideal if you want to get to those hard to get places and this is just one example of this…

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