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Ocean Inflatables NZ specialises in safe tender boats. Our boat are being snapped up for this purpose.

Today I had the pleasure of visiting one of our buyers, Mr Mike Brown at Deborah Bay down the Peninsula near Port Chalmers.


What a beautiful day. Instead of the normal Dunedin Harbour north-easter, I arrived to a calm and picturesque wharf to meet Mike. It was a balmy 25 degrees.

Mike’s Ocean inflatable 270 tender boat is usually tied to his yacht, ” The Golden Goose”, however a recent storm produced 50-60 knot north east breezes and the tender boat was tippped in the wind at night because it had no weight in it. Mike awoke in the morning to find the boat floating upside down oars still attached and floating well.  After turning it back over, he found the seat was missing hence the reason for my visit to him today.

Mike plans to secure the seat in future to one of the stainless eyes on the boat  to avoid the seat coming loose going forward. We fully back up our boats and have replacement parts available if required.

Speaking to Mike, I asked him what he thought of the boat. His comment was ” Absolutely marvelous”. He told me that he used to have a Zeebec, which he had in Picton when his vessel was moored there, and he said the Ocean Inflatable was just as good if not better. ” I love the quality of the build” .” The aluminium floor gives the boat a solid feel and I just love it.”  He told me he choose the Ocean 270 inflatable boat because the 270 fits well with the Golden Gooses davit, “so it is easy to handle and fits well,” he said.

Before he had the Ocean 270 inflatable boat, and after he had the Zeebec, he had an older wooden dinghy to get out to the Golden Goose in the Bay. Mike decided he needed a pontoon styled tender boat again as he had a wee mishap when hopping on the wooden dinghy when he was trying to board. Mike had some groceries and put his weight on one side of the dinghy only to have it tip on him and lose the lot.

Mike displayed to me today the incredible stability the Ocean 270 inflatable boat gives by standing up confidently in the tender Ocean 270 inflatable boat without any worries at all.



Mike plans to sail away at some stage back up to Picton so if you see him at all, you’ll see his trusty Ocean 270 inflatable boat in tow. Thanks Mike and happy boating…..

Ocean Inflatables NZ supplies pontoon style tender boats from 270 to 320 metres that are backed by our extended warranty.

See the following link to see what we have in stock now.






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