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We are passionate about boating and most of our business is set up around marine needs.

In our spare time we fish  and dive around the south coast in New Zealand. We understand the needs of our buyers and only sell and import producst that can do the job.

We have the experience and knowledge to make any transaction run smoothly.

Thanks for taking the time to look at our site and our products


We can be contacted below

Ocean Inflatables is a wholly owned subsidiary of Highclif Trading Ltd

We can be contacted  for by phoning

0064 3 4719931 or 0274347650.

or E mail

[email protected]





    • mike hewitt
    • August 8, 2011

    can you get them fitted with fold down wheels and rod holders

    • Jessie Banks
    • August 10, 2021

    Heya we have a 3.8m inflatable and need to replace the bung. When we bought it (second hand) it just came with a rubber insert that goes on the outside with no plug for the inside and water keeps coming in. Any recommendations? At a bit of a loss here. Have been using a bath plug that is cut down to fit in the hole which still let’s heaps of water in

    • stewart
    • October 22, 2021

    Hi there

    I am looking to replace the carry bag that came with my 320 inflatable a few years ago. Do you sell the carry bags separately?

    • Cait
    • October 31, 2021

    Do you have any 3.6m or 3.8m boats in stock?


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