Why buy an inflatable boat ?

Before purchasing any inflatable boat, consumers should consider some simple questions ?

What does an inflatable boat cost?

What size is best?

What engine will be best for my  Ocean Inflatable?

What is the weight of an Ocean Inflatable boat ?

How big is it when stored away in it’s bag?

How thick is the material the boat is made of and what materials are used?

What is the safest colour for your environment and how safe is an Ocean inflatble?

There are many question you need to ask. At Ocean inflatables we are happy to help you choose the right boat for your application.

Our boats are well built with superior materials.

We import directly, removing middle men and offer the boats at very ecomomical prices.

We specialise in 270 to 360 metre boats with pointed noses best suited to NZ conditions.

We believe less power is better than more as Inflatable boats are light. Small engines are cheaper to run and easy to move around with the boat. Even though our boats can be powered with up to 30HP we recommend no more than 20hp. A modern 6 hp for 270 and 290 or a 10-15hp motor for 320 and 360 will generally be enough for our Ocean inflatble boats for most applications.

The boats pack into a carry bag that measures 0.50 cbm and weigh between 35 to 70kg depending on the model.

We specialise is bright colours for Maximum visabilty. Red is a favourite. Let’s face it, if you are small on the water you want to be seen. Our material is denver polyester and proven as strong and reliable. The boat are built with 4 seperate air chambers for maximum stability and buaoyancy. Safety is number one at Ocean Inflatables.

What other questions should you ask yourself ?

What kind of boat will suit you?
Will you use your boat as a tender or for a sporting activity like fishing, or do you just want it for a runabout that can do many activities? Will you spend more time in lakes and ponds, or in the sea? These are all important factors in deciding the size and room you need.

If you just want a tender boat then consider a lightweight, smaller model or if you are planing to take the kids out on the lake for a days fishing, then consider one with more room.

What Are Your Storage and Launching Needs?

The great thing about Ocean Inflatables is they weigh only 35kgs up to 70kg in their bag. Many customers love the ability to take the boat away without a trailer. The savings are huge when you consider warrants, registration and maintenance on the trailers. Ocean Inflatables can be handled easily by 1 or 2 people. Put the boat in your campervan, boot or in the back of your van and then spend 10 minutes inflating the boat at your destination. When you get back just pack the boat away. Little room will be taken up wherever you store it. Not like the boat on the trailer that takes up half the yard….

All you need is to inflate, bolt on the engine and you are away having fun without the stress of launching and retrieving from a trailer.


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