Manufacturing and Warranty


Ocean Inflatables are sold in the USA and Canada under the Seamax Brand. All Ocean models are with CE Approval and all Ocean Inflatables are built to highest standard, we only use Korean made PVC material to give the best result and longest life time on your Ocean inflatable.


  • Three or Five tub chambers, One1 V-hull keel chamber
  • Man Made reinforced Seams with four layers
  • Adhesive structure; Polyurethane glue; Cold welding
  • Marine Plywood transom with engine pads
  • Certified by Transport Canada with TP1332 Standard
  • CE approval, ISO 9001 production line

Ocean uses 1,100 denier polyester fabric, specially coated on both sides with PVC, thin 0.9mm. The PVC fabric is completely airtight and highly resistant to tear and abrasions as well as salt water, fuel and harmful sunlight. Our confidence in our fabric is reflected in our 5 years fabric warranty.

Our seams are overlapped a full inch and reinforced with seam tape both outside and inside for extra added protection. The inner tubes stay airtight while protecting the tube from sudden impacts. All seams have 3 years warranty

The inter baffle on the tube not only keep individual air chambers completely sealed for safety, but also they have a flexible design which works to equalize air pressure between cone parts.

Marine plywood offers strong seals between plywood board sections and durability against salt water. In addition marine plywood is coated with P.U. painting which delivers additional protection against sunlight, fuel and oil.

3 flooring options displayed above

To maximize our bonding and adhesiveness, we only use the polyurethane based glue. Such glues offer high durability and protection to heat and salt water.

Your Warranty & Coverage


Ocean inflatable boats are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship during the period described following. The copy original receipt of purchase will be required upon submission of a warranty claim and must clearly detail the date of purchase, the company where you purchased, the product and and the sales receipt number.

Warranty Coverage:

The boat’ hull, floor, all hull attachments and accessories, but not limited to, floorboards. seats, rope holders, oar locks, oars, rope, air pump, lifting handles, D rings, oar holders, valves, seat webbing, and transom integrity are covered by this Limited Warranty for one (1) year from the date the product is first sold. All the air holding fabrics are warranted against defects in material or workmanship that cause blistering and delaminating for three (3) years for all seams and five (5) years for Duratex (PVC) fabrics. The repair, replacement of parts, or the performance of service under this warranty does not extend the life of this warranty beyond its original expiration date. Unexpired warranty coverage can be transferred to a subsequent purchaser upon proper registration of the product.

What is NOT Covered:

This Warranty applies only to defects in material and workmanship; it does not apply to normal wear and tear, normal discoloration or color fading, or to damage caused by:(1). Neglect, lack of maintenance, accident, commercial, abnormal or improper use or bad assembly; (2). Use of an accessory or part neither manufactured nor sold by us; (3). Participating in or preparing for races or other competitive activity; (4). Alteration or removal of parts; (5). Improper Protection against UV-light; (6). Has been repaired, modified or tampered with by someone other than manufacturer; (7). Damage or deterioration of the fabric due to exposure to fuel, harsh solvents or any other chemicals; (8). Seam separation due to heat exposure; (9). Has not been assembled, used, and maintained in accordance with the instructions or owner’s manual accompanying the product; (10). Has been damaged as a result of shipping, warehousing, or storage.Ocean Inflatables NZ warranty does not cover incidental or consequential costs and expenses such as haul-out, launching, towing transport and storage charge, telephone or rental charges of any type, inconvenience, waste of time or income losses, or other consequential damages .

Commercial or Associate User Warranty:

If any Product is purchased or used for rental or other commercial purposes, or for/by a corporation, partnership, company, organization or association including without limitation camps, clubs, resorts, schools, or the like, then the term of this Limited Warranty is limited to a period of one hundred and twenty (120) days of parts and 2 year of PVC material, after the date of original retail purchase.

Operator Responsibility:

The operator (driver) is responsible for the correct and safe operation of the boat and safety of its occupants and general public. It is strongly recommended that each operator (driver) read and understand its entire manual before operating the boat. Be sure at least one additional person on board is instructed in the basics of starting and operating the outboard and boat handling in case the driver is unable to operate the boat.

Freight Damage

If you find any shipping damage please dont no sign the proof of delivery from the freight company without noting damage. If this is not noted them freight damage will be your responsibilty so please check the goods before you sign the POD. In the event of freight damage first contact us with detail picture (damaged item and package box) as soon as possible. We will open a claim file for you within 48 hours.

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