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New Zealand or NZ as it is comingly referred to is the popular destination for alot of the worlds top brands of inflatable boats. We put The Oceans Inflatable Boats into this category and our rigid-hulled inflatable boats are very popular with boaties, fisherman, and families who use the boats for recreational trips and relaxing at Holidays.

Catch fish in an inflatable boat
Catching Fish using an inflatable boat

Our Ocean Inflatable Boats are  light-weight but high-performance and high-capacity boat constructed with a solid, shaped hull and flexible pontoons designed for stability and security.

Our design is stable and seaworthy. The inflatable pontoons allow the boats to remain afloat even when large amounts of water is inadvertently put into the boat due to adverse sea conditions

Because this feature of the inflatable boats is so powerful Coastguard, Surf Lifesaving and many more charitable organisations use inflatables as their preference for their volunteer staff.

Inflatable boat being used for rescue work in NZ
Inflatables are the preference for rescue work

Interestingly the first Inflatable boats were introduced by  Tony and Edward Lee-Elliott, and patented by Admiral Desmond Hoare in 1969 after research and development at Atlantic College in Wales . The design has not changed much since the first inflatable was released. The bow has had modifications over the years in the larger craft to help with stability and handling large sea conditions. This was the main reason the design has been so popular along with the other benefits of an inflatable Boat

The first commercial inflatable boat was launched at the January 1969 London Boat Show and the design is still going strong. New Zealanders demand strong boats and they wish to be safe when out fishing or using their leisure time to go boating. This is why our range of inflatable boats are engineered to be rugged and solid and reliable.

But most of all we have your safety as paramount and our inflatable boats are stable and easilt handled.

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