How safe is a inflatable boat ?

This is a question we get asked often as people are concerned about the safety of an inflatable boat due to the pontoons and the fact that they can puncture on sharp items.

The fact is inflatable boats are just as safe as traditional boats made from aluminion, fibreglass and wood, and in some cases we think they may even be safer.
Most modern boats do not have the buoyancy of an Inflatable boats and if they hit some rocks etc then they usually sink. Inflatable boats particularly our ones tend to be more buoyant than traditional boats mainly because of the inflatable pontoons and having separate inflatable sections not only help spreads the load with the buoyancy but alos provides security when the boat does strike something sharp.If you did have the misfortune to get a puncture it will not affect the whole pontoon and you will not sink.

Also as mentioned before, an inflatable boat is more stable than a traditional hull due to the air in the pontoons
An example of the sections in the hull are shown below



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