What fabrics are inflatable boats made from?

When choosing an inflatable boat it is important to consider the material used to construct it. After all it is you and your families safety that is at risk so having an inflatable boat with the best quality materials makes perfect sense.

At Ocean Inflatables we have taken alot of time to choose the correct manufacturer with what we believe is the best materials

All of the boats are made with 1100 denier polyester fabric, which is then welded with a PVC coating on both sides of the fabric. By doing this we end up with a very strong, robust substarte that will be resistant to tears and abrasions.

Once the material is constructed our boats are handcrafted by experienced boat manufacturers and each seam is hand glued using a polyurethane-based glue for added protection against salt water, UV and heat. The PVC material is backed by a 5-year warranty; the seams have a 3-year warranty

For many years after their invention inflatable boats  were made of Neoprene/Hypalon (or rubber) materials.

Today our modern materials and construction processes have made it our boats one of the safest on the market and easy to repair should you have a mishap. Also you will notice that the boats have separate chambers in the pontoons so should you have  a puncture it will only affect that part of the  pontoon and you will still be safe and not sink.

Inflatable boat being used for rescue work in NZ
Inflatbales are the preference for rescue work

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