what is an inflatable boat

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Ocean Inflatables in Action Thanks to one of our Customer you can see Ocean Inflatables in action below. Enjoy.. Get your boat now and get out there doing it…. Hey Lindsay, Had a chance to head out on the Dunedin coast last weekend to test out my “new” 25 Hp engine (she’s  pretty quick!) and […]

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Our brand has now been secured online where now you can simply type www.oceaninflatables.co.nz to find us… The brand continues to grow with our Inflatable boats now right throughout New Zealand and doing the job for our customers. Contact us today to find the cheapest and best quality inflatable boats on the market in New […]

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Ocean Inflatable boats now available at Southland Pleasure Boats

Dean and the team have Ocean Inflatable boats now in stock.Please make you way down to Pleasure Boats for a look today. Pleasure Boats Southland have a great range of chandlery and boating bits. Visit Dean and the team for the best gear in Southland for all your boating needs Image boats are also made on […]

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Southern Clams or Cockles for Tea

Blueskin Bay just outside Dunedin, surrounded by Warrington, Waitati and Doctor’s Point is one of New Zealand best keep secrets. Why ?? COCKLES or clams. These little beauties are now exported to Europe, yet as Kiwi’s we don’t appreciate the availability and ease of collecting them. Clams certainly sounds better than cockles, however you will not find […]

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What is an inflatable boat ?

An inflatable boat is a pontoon boat made with flexible rigid PVC (triple layered in most cases) and is designed to be very lightweight and easily transported. The boat has round sides as shown below The sides are inflated with air from a foot pump or a small electric pump and the sides fill up […]

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